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In addition to all the advantages of being in the centre of Siena and near the Duomo and Piazza del Campo, thus being able to enjoy the city on foot, the Chiostro del Carmine offers various services, such as free internet in the rooms and common areas, or such as our delightful outdoor courtyard where guests can relax, read a book or enjoy a good glass of wine, parking, and air conditioning.

All these amenities make your stay a pleasant one, allowing you to enjoy the ancient and charming atmosphere of our hotel and the city itself!

It is important to let reception know your car registration when you check in, as they notify the local guards, which will allow you to transit through the limited traffic area (ZTL) that surrounds our hotel, in order to reach the car park or the hotel itself during your stay.

Two transits per day are allowed (30 minutes max each). Each passage through the ZTL must be reported to the reception staff to avoid tickets, otherwise, penalties will be considered responsibility of the guest.


Free internet

Free Wi-Fi is available to guests in every room, in the lobby, in the outdoor courtyard and the sitting room. It is also possible to get cabled connection. Cables are available at reception.

Buffet breakfast

Our buffet breakfast is always included in the room rate; in the summer guests can enjoy their breakfast in the gorgeous outdoor Cloister, pampered by the sun and surrounded by our luscious plants. Room service breakfast is available on request.


Il Chiostro del Carmine has a convenient car park, outdoor and unguarded, at a cost of €15.00 per day. Parking is subject to availability and cannot be booked. If a space is not available upon your arrival, we will be happy to advise you on different solutions. It is important to access the ZTL only from Porta San Marco, otherwise it is not possible to communicate access at different ZTL gates. Transit in the restricted traffic zone is allowed a maximum of twice a day (entry and exit or vice versa). VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT PUT ON THE GPS DIRECTLY THE ADDRESS OF THE HOTEL! It is mandatory to enter only through Porta San Marco, so make sure that your GPS mark it as gate of entrance and not other gates!! Il Chiostro del Carmine is autorhized to issue pass only for PORTA SAN MARCO The permit for access to the restricted traffic zone is retroactive, therefore the registration of the license plate will take place at check in together with the registration of the identity documents.

Outdoor courtyard

Guests can enjoy our delightful courtyard, a tranquil green refuge in the heart of the city, ideal for relaxing in the sun with good weather, reading a book or sampling good wine in good company.

Four-legged friends

The Chiostro del Carmine is "pet-friendly", and we can, therefore, welcome small/medium-sized cats and dogs (up to 10kg)!